The Lagotto Romagnolo was originally a retriever in the water, its use was similar to that of the known retriever; subsequently this attitude was lost, making room for its use in the search for truffles. The great versatility and the affable character make him an easily trainable dog and very suitable for family life, even and especially if there are children. The docility and innate sweetness of this breed will soon make it a full member of the family, attached to you by a very strong bond.
However we must not forget that the Lagotto is a working dog and therefore tends to be very active. He needs exercise and physical activity and it would be good to keep him busy making him work, play or taking him for long walks in the open air.
They are also excellent swimmers who, in principle, show no hesitation in the water.
They have a very waterproof coat that makes them able to work long in very cold waters.
As for the “relationship” with the other animals, Lagotto tends to be a very docile and non-aggressive dog. Let’s say that a small characteristic flaw is not being particularly brave, but this depends a lot on the type of “work” that was done by the breeder. Underestimating fear is one of the most serious mistakes that can be committed, since it could turn into self-defense and aggression.
If you are socialized as a puppy, you will have no problem carrying it around, at the park or at the mall. Everything starts from there: a dog with a good character and well socialized will have no problem in relating to others (his fellow human beings or so) in the course of his life …