Our vision

With this article we intend to explain our breeding philosophy.

One of the most important aspects for us is that the puppies coming from our kennel are healthy, for this reason we believe it is fundamental that all our subjects are controlled from the health point of view, thus testing every reproducer for the genetic diseases of the breed.

We believe that those who turn to us have the interest and the right to have a healthy puppy as well as a child of beauty samples or great truffle hunters.

Another fundamental thing is socialization. This path starts from the first weeks of life through various sensory stimuli that help the puppy in its growth, making it a balanced subject. Our children also live in close contact with the family, with adult dogs and with a cat named Pispolo, this means that they are well socialized and then get used immediately to relate to people and other animals.

Not less the morphological aspect, in fact we try to produce puppies that are as close as possible to the standard, using subjects from the most important bloodlines.

From an early age a work of imprinting on truffles is carried out, so that their natural qualities are highlighted. Obviously then that this path must be carried out by the new owners, if they are interested in “exploiting” the attitude to the search, characteristic of this race, otherwise they will still be excellent companions of life and an integral part of the family.

Being able to concentrate all these qualities would be the perfect combination, as well as our goal. We therefore try to select according to health, character, morphology and attitude to the search.