We come now to talk about a very delicate subject and on which unfortunately there is not much information.
With this short article we want to make a little ‘clarity on the grooming of Lagotto Romagnolo.

First of all, the Lagotto hair is of an average type, consisting of a primary hair and a secondary hair, but it does not have undercoat.

This type of coat is not subject to the pack, so there is no natural hair replacement, as in other breeds, this tends to grow and eventually become felted if not properly treated.

In this regard, the basic indications are to use a long and thin toothed metal comb, and then continue, after a good combing, with one with thicker teeth:


In the grooming of the Lagotto, whether it is maintenance “home” or preparation for an exposure, an instrument not to be used is certainly the carder because it would only lead to tearing and ironing the hair, making the cloak lose the usual hedgehog.

To keep the dog always in order, it is advisable to comb it twice a month and to groom it once every two months.

The Lagotto can also be washed once a week as opposed to what our grandparents taught us and therefore the dog should be washed as little as possible because he cleaned himself.

It is very important to use on the dogs products born and studied for the pH of their skin, so we avoid the classic “last lemon” or products for human use. Therefore we recommend using shampoos and conditioners for the maintenance of the hair, for its care and nourishment and for special occasions (such as a canine exposure), products that are able to put more and more emphasis on the coat.

Another important thing is to make a distinction between mowing and grooming: with the first we mean the use of a particular electric razor equipped with blades of various thicknesses depending on the needs, but that does not leave the hair longer than 13 mm, the second one is characterized by the use of scissors designed to shape the dog according to its natural appearance, enhancing its strengths and not accentuating its defects.


Particular attention must be paid to cleaning the ears, as the hair inside the ear canal tends to grow very quickly.
In this regard, it is advisable to check the ears of your own Lagotto at least twice a month. These can be kept clean by using boric water or special gels, removing the dirt with cotton. It is good practice to remove all the hair, with the fingers on the outside and deeper with a special tweezers, with curved tip, that does not create lesions on the skin. However, it should be used gently, to avoid hurting the dog and you should never go too deep, if inexperienced. If we neglect the cleaning of the ears, otitis and problems of various kinds could soon develop.
It is very important to get used to your dog from an early age to be handled and cleaned.